Welcome to Tennessee Custom Tables.  I construct all types of furniture mostly from woods that other people do not like to use on their wood projects. Why?  These woods  are old, dirty, and especially hardened as they have suffered through being exposed to the weather for several decades.  Some people, and many do, just discard this wood, or burn it.  What I have discovered is that through a little hard work, that is difficult both on myself and my equipment, I find underneath all the dirt and soft woods are some of the most beautiful exposed weather marks and wood grains.  As you look through this website please remember that most of the work required in producing the product is in preparing the wood.  The building of the product is the easy part.  The cleaning, kiln drying, re-cleaning, squaring and sizing of the pieces all must be done before any two pieces are connected to produce the finished project.  To me the project includes many little projects because each piece of wood is individually selected and prepared before being used.  If you do not see something you like, just send me a picture and I will give you a price on what it would take to build your personally selected piece of furniture.  Each project is a custom project.  We do have some stock but most items are built one at a time.  Once you make your order we will let you know the tentative delivery date.  All prices on this site include delivery to your location within the continental U.S.A, excluding Putnam County, Tennessee and the counties surrounding.  Those are to be picked up at the builders address. Enjoy.

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  1. Deborah Oyston says:

    Looking for someone to build a china cabinet to go above our buffet.

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